Louise McKinny Park Engagement: Jenny and Byron

Since I have been so negligent in blogging, I have accumulated a list about a mile long of things that I could/should post–things like how my move went, what it is like now living on the farm, the start of school, taking the kids bowling for the first time ever, how much I detest people who park in the “Parents with Children” stall without any children in their car–the list is literally a mile long. The sad thing, however, is that if I were to start to try to catch up with all of that I am afraid that it would push other things so far behind schedule that you would never get to see Jenny and Byron’s engagement session.

I mean, I could take up hours of your time doing some “catch-up”, but I think it is time for me to admit defeat. I’m so far behind now, there is no way I can reasonably ever expect to get caught up now. It’s just time to start over.

So, that said, this past Tuesday I shot an engagement session for Jenny and Byron, one in which the pressure was sky-high. I mean, outside the norm, there was not that much pressure on me to perform; what I mean is that there was a lot of pressure on me to arrive on time. Let’s just say that in our first meeting, I was a little late (yes, I am again pointing out another one of my photography faux pas), and when talking to Byron on the phone I discovered how severely lacking my vocabulary is when it comes to synonyms for the word, sorry.

Well, on this occasion, I was not going to be late. When I left my house I gave myself so much extra time I could have scheduled a picnic in the park before Jenny and Byron arrived. As it turns out, construction, plus rush-hour, plus downtown equals near disaster. I ended up spending over fifty minutes driving, growing more and more anxious every second and when I arrived at the park, it was exactly at the scheduled time. So much for being early to make up for my previous disaster. The best laid plans…

Turns out Jenny and Byron had the same problems I did; and, since both of them are engineers, I would have complained about roadways and construction but electrical and waste engineers have little or nothing to do with roads.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s look at Jenny and Byron for a few minutes, shall we?

And, as always, I will end with my favourite shot. Enjoy.
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6 thoughts on “Louise McKinny Park Engagement: Jenny and Byron

  1. the last two are my faves! I’m a sucker for laughing shots (and these two do laugh alot!) and the last one shows some good height difference! Coolio!

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