Edmonton Engagement: Heather and Tom

Hey, whats new? Well since I last blogged a lot has changed for me. I moved (again) and am now in the process of renovating the entire upstairs of my house, which is a monumental task. I come home from my regular, day job and work my fingers to the bone all evening till I collapse in bed. Everyday is like Groundhog Day for me now, work, reno, eat, sleep, repeat. It has consumed all of my time, even to the point that I have not even read a book in over a month. That is crazy.

However, crammed in between tearing down walls and cabinet installations, I have done a few photo shoots, one being with Heather and Tom for their engagement. I figured that since I have not posted in so long, I was in danger of having WordPress shut my site down completely–something that would strike me a mortal blow, should it ever come to pass. So, being the proactive guy I am, I will nip that problem in the bud, right now.

Besides the potential of having my blog deactivated due to lack of posting, I also wanted to continue with the theme wherein I photograph members of the high school basketball team I coached some years back. If you remember  back to the engagement and subsequent wedding of Cindy and Ryan, then you will remember the first of alumnus of my coaching days with Tom being the second. With Tom, the first thing that jumps into my mind when I think back to coaching him, is the time we were sitting as a team in the stands during a tournament watching a game just prior to us having to play. Tom is talking off-hand about how he has the strange habit of capitalizing certain letters of the alphabet when he is spelling, no matter where they appear in a word–beginning, middle or end, it did not matter, these three letters would be capitalized.

I leaned over and asked him what his initials were and he cited the three letters that he always capitalized.

“Problem solved,” said I, leaving him dumbfounded. “Anything else you need solved?” I added with a feigned look of haughtiness. The look on his face still makes me laugh.

Any who, to WordPress I say, “Ha ha! How’d you like to try deactivate me now?”

To Heather and Tom I say, “Congratulations, and please enjoy this little preview of your photos.”

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