Edmonton Wedding: Jenny and Byron

Jenny and Byron have the honour of filling the coveted “First Wedding of 2012″ position, which, incidentally, happens to be the first winter wedding I have ever shot, as well.  Strange to think that I have gotten away without a single winter-wedding, considering where we live, but, after having my first winter wedding, if there is anything I have learned it’s this: pick a day as mild as the one Jenny and Byron choose for their day. I mean, no big deal, right? Just look into your crystal ball and choose a nice day, complete with sunshine and above seasonal temperatures. All this makes for a pretty easy winter wedding. Take this past Saturday, for example. Had Jenny and Byron waiting a mere seven days, we would have been looking at a really challenging day; but, thanks to Jenny and Byron’s excellent forecasting, my first winter wedding was nothing short of awesome.

In every wedding I shoot, there is always something special I am able to glean from the day. I’m not talking about myself growing technically with each wedding, I am talking about what I learn about the couple, or about people in general, as I am able to watch the whole day with my unlimited access. With Jenny and Byron it was no different–from this wedding I learned that speaking English as a second language can be a beautiful thing. During the reception speeches, Jenny’s father, who was here in Edmonton from China, gave a speech in halting and broken English, toasting his daughter. I found the emotion he was able to express through his limited English, was very moving, his pride in her so plainly evident that I could not help but take notice–even from behind my camera.

That was just one of the small jewels I found scattered throughout the day–but I know you would much rather see than hear about them so let’s just get into it, shall we?

Chronologically speaking, I know this next photo is a little out-of-order, but I decided that this would be my lead-off photo for a number of reasons. Firstly, it conveys, very succinctly, the general feeling of the wedding, and secondly, a “double fist-pump” is the perfect way to start the wedding photographs for 2012. See? Good on all fronts.

Now, since that is out of my system, back to the chronological flow of events.

Now, you all know I loves me either a good processional or a good recessional photo. In this case, processional won for obvious reasons.

After the ceremony we headed to the U of A campus to tour the grounds. 
After hijacking a green bench and putting it the middle of a snowy green-space, we headed to the Rutherford Library and disturbed some of the people studying there. I know it looks pretty empty in the picture, but trust me, there were some raised eyebrows.

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7 thoughts on “Edmonton Wedding: Jenny and Byron

  1. Hey Jan! We just got the entire wedding photo CD in the mail. Just wanted to let you know everything looks so AWESOME!! So many sweet shots of everyone enjoying themselves on our big day. And thanks for going over and above with all the “photobooth” shots at the faculty club. They turned out so much better than I would have thought!
    You really seemed to capture how the day really felt.

  2. I am so excited your blog continues to bring new pictures… :O) It is like a mission of a stalker… Did Jan put new pictures up? Who’s pictures are on today? Byron and Jenny look amazing!!! Your picture emanate their love for each other, and how fun they are together! Seriously, Jenny the fist pumps… FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for posting Jan.. I can not wait for the next time I stalk!

  3. sweet Jan. That captures the feel of that day quite nicely I’d say :) You posted so many, it’s hard to say which is my faves. I love the hijacked green bench, the Bouquet, and the group shot with the reflecting trees – wow! Good work again!

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