St. Albert Engagement: Andrea and Jamie

I would be willing to guess that the other un-shipwrecked members of the Crusoe family, if any there were, waited for some time for their young lad to return home, holding up hope that he wasn’t dead. Well, in much less dramatic fashion and after far less time (I do believe Robinson Crusoe was stranded for 28 years), I return, with a shaggy beard and a strange aversion to sucking up my drink, to going on all fours, and clawing at the bark of trees (it’s been awhile so forgive my clumsy reference to Edward Prendick’s experience there– I agree I am stretching the whole shipwrecked theme).

Like Crusoe, I have not been idle during my time away, I keep doing my thing, plugging along, building proverbial palm huts as it were. I do plan on sharing what I have been up to and will blog the “palm hut” I am currently building (another clumsy reference to the fact that I am currently renovating my house right now); today, however, I plan on blogging a recent engagement I shot in St. Albert with Andrea and Jamie just the other day. I had such a nice time with them I thought I would break blogging-silence and share it with you–the whole session felt more like a walk in the park interspersed with the occasional photo than vice-versa which made it extra nice. They were such an easy couple to shoot.

Anyway, I hope you (and by “you” I mostly mean Andrea and Jamie) enjoy the pictures.



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