Fort Edmonton Wedding: Zoe and Jeremy

It was like a trial run for me watching Zoe and Jeremy get married, but only because my daughter is named Zoe as well. When I first met Zoe and Jer almost a year ago, just hearing the name Zoe in association with planning a wedding got me to thinking about my Zoe and all my other daughters getting married as well–an issue I am thankful I don’t have to deal with for a long time. My oldest is eight but it seems like just yesterday we had her and I just can’t bring myself to think about giving her or any of my other girls away just yet. ┬áSo, like I said, I am thankful I don’t have to even think about that yet; but who knows, give me a few years and when I have three teenaged girls under my roof, I may be singing a different tune. For right now, I choose to keep them all just a little longer.

Now I’m not claiming to have more experience ┬áthan I do, but this was not the first wedding I have shot in Fort Edmonton, and every time I go there I always love shooting there. There are literally dozens of different looks all within a ten minute walk of each other. This was, however, the first wedding I have shot without the help of a second shooter in (as my girls would say before they were taught about adjectives) a long, long, long, long, long time. It was just little old me and let me tell you, I had a rough go of it. I mean, with no one to carry my water for me, transport my extra equipment and having no second to anticipate my every need before I know I need it was extremely challenging ordeal to suffer through. But, being the kind of person I am, I was able to improvise, adapt and overcome the obstacle of my wife abandoning her post at my side and bringing our kids to their last soccer game of the season. I guess that qualifies as a good reason for missing a wedding gig as a second. Sort of.

So, before I get myself into trouble with my wife (who, incidentally, proof reads all my posts so if any of this makes it to the blog it means that she approves of every thing I say), and before I dig too large a hole for myself to climb out of, let me post some of the photos from Zoe and Jeremy’s wedding. I hope you the both of you are enjoying your honeymoon all the way in Taiwan!


Let me interject here for a minute and say it is not every day you get to shoot at a wedding with guests all the way from Taiwan–pretty amazing day for me to be a part of.

Zoe’s aunt was celebrating her birthday so they were able to share a very special moment.

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3 thoughts on “Fort Edmonton Wedding: Zoe and Jeremy

  1. Lindsay Scott 7:51am Sep 6
    Hey Auntie Janice, thanks for the nice post! I went through the Wedding pictures too, they were really good! Hope you guys are doing well.

  2. Some amazing photos, Jan! Thanks so much for capturing the special moments of Jeremy and Zoe’s wedding day. We really appreciate all your work and we can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I absolutely love the one of Jeremy and Zoe sitting on the bench. You’ve caught the happiness of the day in their faces, and nothing could be lovelier than that. The juxtaposition of the delicate bridal bouquet laying in front of the weathered fence is another favourite, as well as the close-up shot of Jeremy and Zoe standing close together. It was such a fabulous day! Thanks again.

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