Edmonton Wedding: Sara and Raoul

What do James Bond, Michelangelo and I have in common? Well, not much I’m afraid. I’ve not heard of James Bond (or Michelangelo, for that matter) condescending to drive a Mazda; nor has Michelangelo ever been accused of being merely a photographer (though I am sure if he could have been a photographer we would be admiring his photographs even now).

No matter how much I wish it otherwise, our connection has nothing to do with our personal attributes. In the movie Quantum of Solace, you may remember the opening scene where James Bond is being chased through the Italian countryside, ending in a quarry. That quarry, the Fantiscritti marble quarry in Carrara, was also the favourite source of marble for Michelangelo.

How I fit in to this intriguing (I’m sure) account is this: my countertops also happen to be made of marble cut from this same quarry.

So, like many people who enjoy that their ancestry can be traced back to someone famous, I too can trace the ancestry of my countertop back to something famous: Michelangelo’s David. It is a very illustrious title to hold, being related to a statue, but my countertops are humble, immune to the effects caused by the prerogative of lineage.

I mention this, because it was one year ago this week, that I viewed my house for the first time and, during that year, one of the changes I made was to install new countertops, thus forever associating myself to Michelangelo and James Bond (top that, name droppers!)

I plan on blogging the progress of my reno, I really do (and that, sometime during my lifetime, preferably), but if my lawn did not require mowing twice a week, maybe I could get down to blogging some of the important happenings, things like renovations or, say, weddings I have recently shot. There have only been two times that I have not been able to promptly blog a wedding and I feel shame every time.

At least my blog is not the only thing being neglected; my children also have not been bathed in over two weeks. I jest. Sometimes, even I don’t know how to take my own humour.


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9 thoughts on “Edmonton Wedding: Sara and Raoul

  1. Hah. My countertops are made of laminate. Know what that means? A thin layer of tough plastic on top of a plywood substrate. And plastic comes from oil. And oil comes from dead dinosaurs. So there you have it: dead dinoaurs and dead trees, in my kitchen, of all places. The plywood was probably put together with glue made from dead horses, too. So talk about lineage – MY countertops have an heritage that is at once palaeontological, zoological, and botanical. So there. Oh, and lovely pictures of a lovely couple, by the way.

    • I found it quizzical that you, my friend, could make such inimical remarks, slighting both the physical and historical qualities of my countertop. I never knew you to be so openly critical; usually more ethical, your latest comments could not have been less political.

      My grasp on the lexical is tenuous, so an attempt at an empirical reply is skeptical; since, therefore, eloquence is impractical, my riposte must be rhetorical–however ungrammatical: Na-na-na-boo-boo! And something about your countertop’s momma and army boots.

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